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Routine Medical Care
Yearly or semi-annual physical examinations is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy and detect problems early.
Internal Medicine:
Dr. Bogard has the expertise to diagnose and treat most any disease or illness your pet may develop, or he will refer you to a Doctor who can take care of your animal.

For dogs and cats
Rattle Snake

Feline Distemper combination
Feline Leukemia vaccination for all cats
Laboratory Testing
Chemistry Profiles with Idexx Machines
Heartworm blood test
Feline Leukemia and FIV blood tests for cats
Complete chemistry blood panels including liver and kidney functions
Urinalysis testing with sedimentation
Cytology of ears, skin, tumors, vaginal smears
Outside Reference Labs
Surgery and Anesthesia
The most up to date anesthetic protocol available
Anesthesia tailored to the individual pet's needs
Many new anesthetics reversible
Preoperative bloods screens
Pulse oximeter monitoring
Blood pressure Monitoring
Spaying and neutering
Abdominal Exploratory
Cosmetic ear croppings
Declawing procedures for cats
Electrocautery proceedures
X-ray capabilities
Special procedures - excretory urogram, pneumocystogram
Barium studies
O.F.A. certification radiographic exams  

Retail - King Care carries quality pet supplies,Purina and  Science Diet dog food, Frontline and Certifect for fleas and ticks, and dog training equipment.

Day Boarding - we will provide day boarding for pet owners who would like to leave their pet during the day while shopping and playing in Junction or nearby.
Above: Obie and Judy Bogard.
Below: Open House at Running V Vet Clinic November 2009