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Jonathan King, Master Dog Trainer

Training - King-Care Pet Center is offering basic,advanced, and speciality training for pet owners and their pets. Jonathan is also availabe for consulting with pet owners and working with pets on behavioral problems and other pet issues.  For more information www.kingcarepetcenter.com.

Cat Condos
The King-Care Pet Center  contains 12 Cat Condos maintained in a temperature controlled environment, ventilated, and will also contain an aquarium and house plants for creature comforts. The Cat Condos are separated from the dog areas in order to reduce stress. The Cat Condos are monitored using digital real-time cameras with sound and infra-red capabilites.
Dog Boarding
The King-Care Pet Center includes 34 indoor runs maintained in a temperature controlled environment.  Runs are monitored with digital cameras with sound and infra-red capabilites, and observable by managment 24 hours a day.  The dog boarding area will be equipped with televisions and a stereo system that will run during the day in order to reduce stress and anxiety associated with boarding and being away from home.